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Foldspace Origami Studio

Are you searching for innovative programs to develop and nurture creativity in your students?

We can help.

Our programs approach learning through the art of origami, helping children develop:

  • Enhanced comprehension and the ability to follow instructions
  • Fine motor skills
  • Improved sustained attention
  • Creative expression
  • Bolstered academic achievement
  • Stronger problem-solving skills

Our focus is always on the students. Origami is at the center of our customizable learning experiences for learners at all grade levels pre-K through 8.

T-Rex model folded by Talo Kawasaki, guest of Foldspace LIVE Show “Thinking Outside the Square.”

What Can Foldspace do for your students?

Our engaging approaches to teaching and learning through the art of origami can…


We inspire our students’ creative expression, building pathways that enhance STEM and STEAM education as well as problem-solving skills.


We create brighter futures for our students, helping them to unleash their creativity, strengthen fine motor skills, and discover new perspectives on academic subjects.


The skills our students learn through the challenge and practice of origami help build confidence and resilience that sustain them in every aspect of their lives.

Curious about our work?

Check out what we do.

Foldspace Origami Studio creates and delivers unique, customized, creative educational programming for math, storytelling, music, science, emotional intelligence and more. 

Our innovative approach, whether online or in person, uses the art of origami to provide a creative bridge that helps students understand a wide range of academic concepts.   

Because origami is our medium, we employ physical and spatial learning throughout our activities, emphasizing STEM and STEAM education as well as problem-solving skills.

Mini-course preview for Oliver H. Perry elementary school.
Making snakes with the Summer Lit League at the Cleveland Public Library.
Creating chompers with the Center for Arts Inspired Learning for the Cuyahoga County Public Library.


I can't wait to use these skills!
Thank you so much for creating this learning experience. I had a great time learning all of the different origami models as well as how to use them in teaching so many different sk…
Miriamcollege student