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He called his grandma 7 times in one morning

Two students come to my mind that surprised me and were inspired because of this program. Both are on IEP’s with a severe diagnosis. They have a hard time focusing and following multi-step directions. Both boys excelled at the paper-folding activities. They were usually finished first and had no difficulty with the activity. One was so excited about the program that he called his grandma 7 times in one morning to get up to school and pick up his supplies. He also made a trip to the bookstore and got 4 origami books because he was so interested in the program.

Jennifer Sindyla4th-grade teacher
A great success!

The flapping birds were a great success at Saturday’s event! The origami model was just perfect for the occasion. The Philanthropy Committee is so pleased.

Betsy Mandaren
Students are still bringing me extra foxes and boats that they have created on their own.

Mr. Peake came to two of my seventh grade co-taught math classes to teach an interactive lesson involving origami.  Mr. Peake’s lesson provided the students with an extension and enrichment of previously taught concepts.  It also got them using terminology related to upcoming lessons.  Mr. Peake did an incredible job integrating geometric concepts into the folding activity.  He encouraged all students to actively participate in folding, as well as in the Q&A session.  The students were very excited about their finished products.  A week later, they are still bringing me  extra foxes and boats that they have created on their own.  I also had a student who created a cube-octahedron on his own and brought it in to share with the class.  My students and I are very enthusiastic about having Mr. Peake back at NRMS in the near future for another lesson!

Amanda JonesMath Teacher, 7th Grade
I can't wait to use these skills!

Thank you so much for creating this learning experience. I had a great time learning all of the different origami models as well as how to use them in teaching so many different skills. I can’t wait to use these skills in the future!

Miriamcollege student
Students were jumping out of their seats to answer questions

James came to work with our 7th-grade math students and left quite the impression!  I asked him to come in during our geometry unit in order to review recently learned vocabulary through origami.  James taught five different classes (ranging from 18-30 students each) how to make two origami pieces, and discussed the vocabulary relevant to each one.  The students were immediately intrigued by him and the artwork that he brought to display.  It was clear that they were engaged and excited during the lesson, some to the point that they were jumping out of their seats to answer the questions that James asked of them.  Additionally, students who often refuse to complete their work, or struggle to stay on task, worked diligently the entire time.  As an intervention specialist, one of the most exciting things for me to see was how the activity leveled the playing field for all of the students—it was impossible to tell which students normally struggle with learning the content (3 out of 5 classes included special education students).  James also took time to work with students in between classes;  they shared and discussed their art, and it was very evident that the students felt comfortable with him.  We are hoping to have James back in our classrooms again, although the students can hardly wait until then!  Oh, and they totally know all of their triangles now!

Antonia RomanoIntervention Specialist